Effective solutions are not easily discovered or implemented .. at times the outcome might be blindingly obvious with an unbiased view. Finding practical solutions for businesses is what TES Consulting does.

Wherever or whatever your business may be, contact us to discuss how we could help with your business interests, to create a focused business plan, analyse or manage financial aspects to your business, source the best and most competitively priced items to fulfil your needs, or generate more cost effective exposure for your business through better online marketing methods.

Hiring the wrong consultants or mismanaging them can cause severe problems in organizations — unnecessary expenditures, low morale, and misdirected efforts. By bringing in the right consultant with the right focus on the right goals you stand a better chance of getting your money’s worth.

The first step is to conduct a client interview. We then determine what each client wants to achieve, what restraints may be causing a ‘blockage’ and vice versa, and we then look at solutions.